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Check for web accessibility errors via the command line or Ruby.

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Run web accessibility audits on urls or files, from the command line or within Ruby.


AccessLint uses the Accessibility Developer Tools javascript library to make assertions on the DOM via PhantomJS. The rules that are applied are listed below.


First, install PhantomJS (full guide). On OS X:

$ brew install phantomjs

Then install the rubygem:

$ gem install access_lint


Command Line

From the command line, specify a url or filename to be audited:

$ access_lint audit # url or a path to a file
# results ...


Run the audit from a Ruby application like so

$ irb
> require 'access_lint'
=> true
=> results ...

Results Object

    "PASS": [                                                           # Status group
            "element_names": ["<p class=\"foo\">relevant element</p>"], # applicable DOM elements
            "severity": "WARNING",                                      # 'WARNING' or 'SEVERE'
            "status": "PASS",                                           # 'PASS', 'FAIL', or 'NA'
            "title": "Some description"                                 # rule description
        { ... }
    "NA": [ { ... } ],
    "FAIL": [ { ... }]


For full descriptions of the audit rules, visit the Accessibility Developer Tools project wiki